Object-Oriented Programming


  • Object-Oriented Programming

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    3. Object-Oriented Programming

    Overview. In object-oriented programming, we write Java code to create new data types, specifying the values and operations to manipulate those values. The idea originates from modeling (in software) real-world entities such as electrons, people, buildings, or solar systems and extends readily to modeling abstract entities such as bits, numbers, programs or operating systems.<div>

    3.1 Using Data Types describes how to use existing reference data types, for text processing image processing.

    3.2 Creating Data Types describes how to create user-defined data types using Java’s class mechanism.

    3.3 Designing Data Types considers important techniques for designing data types, emphasizing APIs, encapsulation, immutability, and design-by-contract.3.4 Case Study: N-Body Simulation presents a case study that simulates the motion of n particles, subject to Newton’s laws of gravity.Java programs in this chapter. Below is a list of Java programs in this chapter. Click on the program name to access the Java code; click on the reference number for a brief description; read the textbook for a full discussion.


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